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Filling Instructions

bulletCS416 -

55, Red, Pencil, GF trim,  English 1960s, in excl. cond., no brassing, crisp imprint, twist mechanism, comes with spare leads, and has an eraser.   30.00

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bulletCS417 -

 75, Green pearl MBL, chrome trim English c.1951 (imprint was left off on production) in excl. cond. no brassing, with a medium point 14ct Conway Stewart nib. 60.00

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Conway Stewart Dinkies

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bulletCSD0403 -

# 540, Blue silk sheen, Pen & Pencil set, in original presentation box gold base & blue and silver coloured dot design top. English 1940s. The pen is excellent condition no brassing, good imprint and comes with a 14ct broad point nib also excellent condition The pencil is a Duro Point № 2R and is also in excellent condition   .SOLD

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bulletCSD0410 -

 # 570  marked holder foreign , blue translucent "Lumina" (cap section and barrel), , 1964, mint boxed , straight lever, diamond clip or parker look-alike clip,  Nib CS 14ct F. 65.00

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CSD0412 -

#550 light and dark burgundy pear and blk vein pen and # 25 pencil set, boxed, c.1949, it comes in the original inner and outer box and all its papers. The nib is M 14ct Conway Stewart,  150.00

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CSD0422 - 

#550 light and dark blue pearl, grey, brown and blk.MBL.c.1950, in very good  cond. the nib is minor pitting on lever, good imprint, M Conway Stewart. 14ct.  50.00

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How to Order

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   Colour                                Condition                              Nib grade      Filling Mechanism

MBL. =  marbled                near mint                                      F. = fine                LF. lever filler

blk =  black                        excl. =  excellent                           M. = medium

ch/hr = chased hard rubber. cond. = condition                          B = broad

                                           v/g  = very good                           I = italic

                                                                                              OB = oblique   

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